A first date full of melting ice cream, suspicious snooping, and foreboding crossword puzzles.
The Ice Cream Date was written by (14-year-old!) Kara Puerschner, the winner of the LittleFoot Shorts Challenge round 2.

Producer/Director: Baylee Cole Sinner
Producer: David M. Davis with bolide.studios
DP: Dylan Priest
Editor: Brian Danger Stabile
Sound and Mastering: Brian Binning
Composer: Nick Shadel (https://www.nickshadel.com/)
1st AC: Tylor Jones
BTS Video & Photography: Matt Sumi
Production Coordinator: Kyle Sinner
Production Assistant: Kieran Schafer
Production Assistant: Samantha Klapp
Production Assistant: Angela Sutherland Puerschner
Production Assistant: Dee Roe
Script Consultants: Kevin McCoy & Robert O'Twomney
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